Foreclosure Litigation Defense

At Foreclosure Attorney in Westchester NY, we have managed to forge a reputation as one of the leading foreclosure litigation defense teams in the region – and it’s easy to see why. We’re experts at uncovering mistakes and unfair practices that could undermine the foreclosure cases against our clients. We’ve been in this line of work for many years now, so we know every trick and technique that stands any chance of getting you out of the situation that you’re in. If you’ve examined every other method – like forbearance or loan modification, for example – without success, then you’ll certainly need the help of a foreclosure litigation defense team if you’re going to stand any chance of repelling the foreclosure. To get some further insights into this service, just read on below.

What is Foreclosure?

Before understanding how a legal defense might help solve your foreclosure problems, it’s definitely worth having a complete understanding of foreclosure in general. In simple terms, foreclosure is where a lender (either a bank or a mortgage company) takes possession of a borrower’s property after the latter party fails to keep up with the agreed up mortgage payments. The lender in question has the legal right to seize the property in an attempt to recover as much of the loan as possible (since it’s not always the case that the value of the house is as much as the loan). The lenders need to follow some strictly regulated steps before they can pursue a foreclosure, and that might be where a defense could be mounted.

What is Foreclosure Litigation Defense?

Many people think that if they’re in the midst of a foreclosure, that they’re out of options, but that’s not the case at all – in fact, a foreclosure attorney is likely to have dozens of strategies that they can call upon to build you a defense. If the lender makes any mistakes in the process that they need to follow, it’s entirely possible that a foreclosure attorney could identify these errors, and use them in your favor. In many cases, it’s possible to achieve a much lower settlement, and even have the lawsuit dismissed entirely.

Defense Strategies

Foreclosure processes are long and complicated, and the rules need to be followed to the letter to make sure that everything is done legally – and while this exhaustive process can be very stressful if you’re one of the parties involved, it also means that there are plenty of times where the lender could make critical mistakes. Our attorneys are masters of uncovering these mistakes and exploiting them. Whether the lender has breached your loan contract somehow, or they’ve violated NY state foreclosure laws, we’ll be ready to identify it.

Professional Experience

When the lender in question tries to foreclose your property, they’ll have the aid of a legal team to get the process completed. If you don’t have a foreclosure litigation defense team, you’ll have to manage on your own – up against their attorney. Naturally, this leaves you at a major disadvantage. If you want to stand any chance in this process, you’ll need the assistance of our experienced attorneys.